Thursday, March 3, 2011

Peru's mass wasting

Peru’s exotic mountains and valleys currently continue to be victims of mass wasting. Mass wasting is the down sloping movement of rocks caused by gravity. This process helps eroding material get from high elevations to low elevations. Although erosion may not sound complex or harmful, it has created fear in Peruvian civilians. Peruvians has been victims to landslides and avalanches due to earthquakes.
Process's of mass wasting

Landslides are when mass movements of rocks, debris, and soil travel down a slope taking weak lose objects in its way. Even though landslides occur as a natural environmental hazard, recent activities have been due to human activity.
mud landsliding occurring
Avalanches can occur under different circumstances. The most common way is through vibrations or silent movements like echoes. They also occur when it rains or snow starts to melt. The liquid starts to roll down the slope causing it to bring down small portions of snow that turn into avalanches.   

In conclusion to mass wasting, it is most unfortunate to see the environments natural occurrences create fatal consequences. It is especially sad to see how some people can be left without a home in a matter of seconds. In Peru mass wasting continues to conquer small villages and towns near the Andean mountain range.  
home eroded by landslides


  1. I think you did a really great job explaining mass wasting. Your detail and preciseness get the information across to the viewer with great simplicity. I also like how you connected this process to the way it affects the people of Peru, that is very important. Your pictures even give a great visual on how something so natural can be detrimental to those people and their lives. Great job!

  2. I must agree with you, it is sad to see people losing their homes due to these kinds of disasters. Overall you did a great job. You clearly stated the forms resulting from the process of mass wasting. The pictures also helped visualize the scene. I think if you incorporated Weathering into your blog, it would have better explained how the rock and debris weaken. Weathering is the process of breaking down rocks in place.
    Great Job!!!

  3. Dear Jesus,

    Reading your blog about Peru gave me a whole new perspective on the mountains and valleys in this country! I never knew that mass wasting slides carried that much impact in villages near them. Considering Case didn't go into much detail about Avalanches yet and no example of where avalanches occur in Peru was shown, I would have eliminated this example of mass wasting. The initial explanation of mass wasting in the beginning, however, was concise and clear. Also, you did a great job of conveying pathos towards your audience by explaining the devastation that a landslide can do to a Peruvian village.